How a Business Matchmaking Program Like HUB.ID Can Help Startups

Gone are the days when businesses have to play by the book. Nowadays, it’s all about adaptability, which is fueled by innovations. Companies, especially startups, have to move fast to keep up with their competitors. One of the ways to do so is by joining a Business Matchmaking Program.

The newest program by Kominfo, HUB.ID, is here to facilitate businesses and investors by being a platform for connecting and inspiring each other. The process is done by a program called “Business Matchmaking”. defines Business Matchmaking as “a method to identify and connect companies and people with common business interests, complementary services, expertise, technologies, or business strength”. 

HUB.ID is focusing on post-seed Indonesian startups to help them scale regionally by using Kominfo’s vast networking channel of government and corporate partners. Here’s how the program can help the startups develop further:

  1. It helps gather the best entrepreneurs and innovators

The exchange of ideas happens when the best minds gather. Through intensive mentoring and networking programs from HUB.ID, it is hoped that inventors will be able to apply acquired insights into their businesses.

2. Identify the people and technologies targeting your markets.

Meeting like-minded people from various lines of businesses can help startups view who’s there that target the same markets, thus increasing their competitive edge.

3. Discover challenges your company may be facing in the future

By meeting experienced startup owners like mentors that HUB.ID provides, they will be able to share their previous experience in the corresponding line of business, making the newer startups ready for upcoming challenges.

4. Connect with scaling companies defines that scaling a business means “setting the stage to enable and support growth in your company.” Through networking and mentoring programs from HUB.ID, more than 40 partners are ready to scale up and connect and share their expertise with the startups.

5. Measure the strength of your company

HUB.ID gathers startups with Kominfo’s government and corporate partners. This, in turn, helps provide startups with the gauge against cutting-edge research and various business models.

So, those are how a business matchmaking program like HUB.ID can help startups develop further and gain expertise in their businesses. More posts to come on HUB.ID blog, so stay tuned!

How can a Business Matchmaking Program Like HUB.ID Benefits Investors?

In these years of emerging startups, many startup accelerators, and business matchmaking programs alike, are taking part not to miss the opportunity to this ever-changing world. According to an article from Harvard Business Review by Ian Hathaway, from 2010 until 2016 alone, the number of startup accelerators in the US alone had at least tripled from 50 to 172. They had invested in at least 5,000 companies.

HUB.ID, Indonesia’s newest startup matchmaking program from Kominfo, dedicates itself to enabling post-seed country’s startups to scale regionally. By doing this, startups and Kominfo’s partners, especially investors and the company themselves, will be able to collaborate to achieve their corresponding business goals.

Garnered from various sources, here are some benefits that investors can reap by joining a business matchmaking program like HUB.ID.

  1. Opportunity to Discuss Ideas

By meeting and discussing with the best innovators, investors can gain insights and apply them to their own businesses.

2. Helps Them Reach Their Goals

Quoted from, Gary Vaynerchuck, a US computer scientist and entrepreneur, “If a business person can understand what the other person is thinking and what their goals are, they can reverse engineer those aims and map it back to their goals. Now, this can be beneficial for both startups and investors.

3. Creating Valuable Relations

As quoted from, “Establishing mutual trust by putting oneself in partners’ shoes and understanding their needs is a fundamental step in creating winning matches, and laying down the foundations for valuable partnerships.”

The networking dynamic, a term coined by, where investors can delve into a partnered startup’s needs and act according to those needs, hopefully, will create a lasting and beneficial partnership. 

4. Having Integral Voice in a Company

Investors can benefit from having an integral voice by investing in small companies, especially in the early stages. This enables them to have more say and be actively involved in the startups’ decision-making by lending their business expertise.

5. Building Agile Reputation

In an “innovate or die” business world, companies need to maintain their personas to stay relevant in the business. By joining a business matchmaking program like HUB.ID, companies will learn a thing or two from agile startups. At different business development stages, and apply the needed tactics in their own companies and let the world know that their businesses are agile, too.

6. Helps Diversification

Investopedia defines diversification as “a risk management strategy that mixes a wide variety of investments within a portfolio.”

Investors can diversify their portfolios when investing in the right companies, thus increasing profitability and minimizing risks.

7. Significant Gains from Early Investments

Being quite a risky investment, when knowing the right companies worth backing, investors can benefit from the high growth that these businesses can provide in the future.

Quoted from an article from, “According to the Thomson Reuters Venture Capital Research Index, overall venture capital investment has generated a steady return of around 20% since 1996. That stacks up pretty well compared to the somewhat paltry ROI for public equities and bonds – 7.5% and 5.9% respectively.” and this says a lot about what can be expected from these kinds of investments.

So those are the benefits that investors can get from joining startup accelerators and business matchmaking programs like HUB.ID. Do you think that there’s more? Stay tuned to HUB.ID blog for the latest information about the program!

How can a diverse networking program from Business Matchmaking Program like help to maximize startup mentoring sessions?

In this gruesome competitive world of startups, companies are competing head-to-head to be the best. To add to the already chaotic scene, new startups keep emerging every day. Being in startups accelerators and incubators in the early/ seed stage is not enough.

HUB.ID understands this and wants to offer something that is somewhat different from any other startup accelerators/ incubators in Indonesia. In comparison, focusing more on business matchmaking scenes for startups in the post-seed stage, HUB.ID plan to build synergy with corporations, State-Owned Enterprises (SOEs), and government institutions.

Knowing that these startups had already raised outside fundings, HUB.ID can help them turn their focus more on the mentoring aspects of the program. With exclusive mentorships tailored to the companies’ needs, HUB.ID, as a business matchmaking program from Kominfo, is hoping that a lasting and impactful relationship can be made and nurtured, and eventually will create an impact on Indonesia’s future economy.

Documented from various sources, here are the top reasons why a diverse networking program from startup accelerators or even a business matchmaking programs like we offered through HUB.ID. can help to maximize mentoring sessions.

  1. Tailored Program

Like the accelerator program from Google, it said that in the program, experts help founders outline the top technical challenges for their startups and then paired with relevant experts from the industry to solve those challenges and grow their business.

2. Peer-to-peer (P2P) learning

According to Fabio Ziemssen from, apart from learning from the experts, startups can also benefit from learning from other startups and enjoy access to a great network.

The same thing applies here. In HUB.ID, startups can benefit from networking on a vast Kominfo’s relations/partners, be it from the most prominent Governmental organization and private-owned companies.

3. Venture Capitalists

According to Ziemssen, in the program, startups will build connections with Venture Capitalists while also “gaining expertise in product development, and acquiring know-how about company building.”

So, to make mentorship at HUB.ID more focused and perfectly tailored for each startup, we’ve gathered experts from 7 (seven) business verticals and Pitch Trainer experts. Those business verticals are the businesses that we deemed are perfect for the startup scene in Indonesia.

  1. Agriculture & Aquaculture
  2. Education
  3. Finance
  4. Government Solutions
  5. Healthcare
  6. Logistics
  7. Tourism

These are the experts who will guide the chosen startups once they make it to the program’s Business Mentoring Phase. We hope that the sessions can be beneficial to the startups as well as the mentors who joined. See you at the mentoring sessions!

Benefits and Disadvantages of Joining a Business Matchmaking Program

Joining a platform like HUB.ID, a business matchmaking program for post-seed startups from Indonesia’s Ministry of Communication and Information Technology, is like joining a startup accelerator or incubation program.

Obviously, despite the cutthroat competition in joining such programs, many startups choose to join because of the clear benefits they will get. Carefully curated by our team at HUB.ID, here are some of the benefits that you’re going to receive once you joined.

The first one, according to an article from, is the Network Effect. This matchmaking program is the place where you can meet many founders and ex-founders, angel investors. This is where you can establish your position as a promising startup, especially if you’re already in the post-seed round. By joining HUB.ID, you can make use of Kominfo’s vast network of corporate and governmental partners.

Secondly, by joining in a healthy competition environment, you can keep your company’s morale high. Your company will know the right pace to keep up at. According to Wharton Magazine’s website, the environment is also good for benchmarking because there will be a healthy amount of social pressure so that your company will always be current.

Thirdly, it’s already known that Kominfo is a prestigious organization well respected in the country. Thus, in return, it will be reflected in your company’s legitimacy in the future and will also act as a social validation tool for your company. When your company is viewed as legitimate, it is hoped that more investors will pay attention and ultimately invest in your company.

We are aware that joining a business matchmaking program can act as a double-edged sword for any startups out there, so these are things that you need to watch out for especially.

The first one is the most of us are already aware of: Be prepared to give up your Company Equity. According to, on average, it is required to give a 5-10% chunk of your company in exchange for benefits given by such programs. Do your thorough research before committing to these exchanges. However, these deals are often negotiable, especially if your company is already quite far along as HUB.ID is only focusing on post-seed startups.

Lastly, you must be aware of the amount of time you’re willing to sacrifice in the program. On HUB.ID, there are a series of must-attend events that we believe will benefit your company. These events are spread out into serialized short programs and business matching sessions. It would be best if you made sure that these programs are in line with your company’s needs so that you don’t end up losing focus and wasting your time.

So that’s all the possible benefits and disadvantages that you’ll receive when you join our business matchmaking program. Let us know what you think in the comment section below!

Differences between incubator and Business Matchmaking Program

Building a startup is a business opportunity that is full of challenges and risks. There are many stages that startup founders need to go through until their business can be formed and developed. The terms “startup incubator program” and “accelerator program” must be familiar to startup founders. The two startup programs are the main target for startup founders to boost the business they are starting.

Please note, the incubator program and the accelerator program are 2 different programs. The difference can be seen from the target participants and the activities carried out during the program. The following is an explanation of each startup program.


Program The incubator program targets startups that have not yet been initiated. This program assists founders in developing ideas, to assist in funding until the startup is up and running. Through the assistance and direction of the incubator program, it is hoped that startups participating in the program can avoid pioneering failures.

Accelerator Program

Target participants of the accelerator program are startups that have been formed and run businesses. Activities carried out in the accelerator program focus on business matchmaking and mentoring activities. Accelerator programs can help startups scale their business.

#StartWithNetwork by HUB.ID

Seeing business developments that are increasingly advanced today, the Ministry of Communication and Information of the Republic of Indonesia contributes and supports startups in Indonesia by creating an accelerator program, namely HUB.ID. In line with its slogan, namely #StartWithNetwork, this accelerator program can be a great opportunity for Indonesian startups to synergize by expanding their business network and collaborating.

It’s not about ideas. It’s about making ideas happen

Scott Belsky 

Founder, Behance

business matchmaking

5 Tips for Optimizing Your Opportunities at Business Matchmaking Startup Program

business matchmaking

Are you an entrepreneur who has successfully brought your startup to the Startup Accelerator Program? Congratulations, you have taken one step forward to expand your business and company funding. Involving your startup company in an accelerator or incubator program will certainly allow your company to get maximum funding, of course, this funding will be useful for scaling up company operations or developing your company’s products. In addition, this kind of program will open the door wider for you to network, not only with potential investors but also with other companies that will help you build synergies in the future. 

For those of you who may have gone through several stages to participate in this accelerator startup program, here are some tips that you can do to optimize your time in the accelerator or incubator program.

1. Join in every agenda

Usually, in the startup accelerator or incubation program, there are several sub-programs that you can participate in, such as business matchmaking, mentoring, or demo days where you usually pitch in front of investors. Each program is designed to be useful not only for investors but also for startup companies, so don’t skip these sessions and lose valuable opportunities to gain knowledge from experts.

2. Study your next investors 

Remember, it is all about finding the right fit. Do in-depth research, about any venture capitals or investors who attended this event so you can find the right match for your startup company. The suitability of investors with you and your company will determine how your company will run with funding from it and your relationship with investors during your company’s future journey.

3. Prepare your sales pitch materials

In this startup accelerator program, you will meet potential investors and partners, so it is very important to prepare a convincing sales pitch. Apart from being in the form of decks to be presented in large forums such as demo day sessions or pitch sessions, save a simpler deck on your cell phone or tablet so that it is more concise to show to your interlocutor when meeting with participants during the event. You can also show a demo of your product directly on the device that you bring during the event. 

4. Networking

By participating in an accelerator or incubation program, it means that your networking opportunities are getting wider. You will meet potential investors, fellow startup companies and you can likely enter the community or people who will become your customers. Prepare your best business card and be ready to mingle with all participants. Share widely what your product is and how it works. You will not know how the results achieved from your participation and mingling in each session may be beneficial for you and your company in the future.

5. Maximize mentoring sessions

Mentorship is usually part of this accelerator and incubator program. As a startup company entrepreneur, you need to get feedback from experts who become mentors. Do your best to research the mentor’s background and ask as many questions as you can. Getting criticism is certainly not bad and will be an important lesson for the sustainability of your business. Be clear about what you want for your company, it will help mentors to have a deep understanding of your company and give advice that fits your vision. Lastly, don’t forget to keep your relationship with them last. 

Accelerate your startup

Startup accelerator and incubator programs are useful for companies looking to scale up their business. If you’ve got this opportunity, optimize your time and the whole in it to get the maximum benefit.

So are you ready to join the startup accelerator program for your business development? 

For you Indonesian startup entrepreneurs, take advantage of the opportunity at, a platform provided by the Ministry of Communication and Information Technology of Indonesia, focusing on enabling post-seed local Indonesian startups to scale regionally by leveraging Indonesian Kemkominfo’s vast network of corporate & governmental partners. In you can expand your network, get expert mentors and funding that is beneficial to your company. 

Follow these tips and it’s time to scale up your business!