How can a Business Matchmaking Program Like HUB.ID Benefits Investors?

In these years of emerging startups, many startup accelerators, and business matchmaking programs alike, are taking part not to miss the opportunity to this ever-changing world. According to an article from Harvard Business Review by Ian Hathaway, from 2010 until 2016 alone, the number of startup accelerators in the US alone had at least tripled from 50 to 172. They had invested in at least 5,000 companies.

HUB.ID, Indonesia’s newest startup matchmaking program from Kominfo, dedicates itself to enabling post-seed country’s startups to scale regionally. By doing this, startups and Kominfo’s partners, especially investors and the company themselves, will be able to collaborate to achieve their corresponding business goals.

Garnered from various sources, here are some benefits that investors can reap by joining a business matchmaking program like HUB.ID.

  1. Opportunity to Discuss Ideas

By meeting and discussing with the best innovators, investors can gain insights and apply them to their own businesses.

2. Helps Them Reach Their Goals

Quoted from, Gary Vaynerchuck, a US computer scientist and entrepreneur, “If a business person can understand what the other person is thinking and what their goals are, they can reverse engineer those aims and map it back to their goals. Now, this can be beneficial for both startups and investors.

3. Creating Valuable Relations

As quoted from, “Establishing mutual trust by putting oneself in partners’ shoes and understanding their needs is a fundamental step in creating winning matches, and laying down the foundations for valuable partnerships.”

The networking dynamic, a term coined by, where investors can delve into a partnered startup’s needs and act according to those needs, hopefully, will create a lasting and beneficial partnership.¬†

4. Having Integral Voice in a Company

Investors can benefit from having an integral voice by investing in small companies, especially in the early stages. This enables them to have more say and be actively involved in the startups’ decision-making by lending their business expertise.

5. Building Agile Reputation

In an “innovate or die” business world, companies need to maintain their personas to stay relevant in the business. By joining a business matchmaking program like HUB.ID, companies will learn a thing or two from agile startups. At different business development stages, and apply the needed tactics in their own companies and let the world know that their businesses are agile, too.

6. Helps Diversification

Investopedia defines diversification as “a risk management strategy that mixes a wide variety of investments within a portfolio.”

Investors can diversify their portfolios when investing in the right companies, thus increasing profitability and minimizing risks.

7. Significant Gains from Early Investments

Being quite a risky investment, when knowing the right companies worth backing, investors can benefit from the high growth that these businesses can provide in the future.

Quoted from an article from, “According to the Thomson Reuters Venture Capital Research Index, overall venture capital investment has generated a steady return of around 20% since 1996. That stacks up pretty well compared to the somewhat paltry ROI for public equities and bonds – 7.5% and 5.9% respectively.” and this says a lot about what can be expected from these kinds of investments.

So those are the benefits that investors can get from joining startup accelerators and business matchmaking programs like HUB.ID. Do you think that there’s more? Stay tuned to HUB.ID blog for the latest information about the program!

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