How a Business Matchmaking Program Like HUB.ID Can Help Startups

Gone are the days when businesses have to play by the book. Nowadays, it’s all about adaptability, which is fueled by innovations. Companies, especially startups, have to move fast to keep up with their competitors. One of the ways to do so is by joining a Business Matchmaking Program.

The newest program by Kominfo, HUB.ID, is here to facilitate businesses and investors by being a platform for connecting and inspiring each other. The process is done by a program called “Business Matchmaking”. defines Business Matchmaking as “a method to identify and connect companies and people with common business interests, complementary services, expertise, technologies, or business strength”.¬†

HUB.ID is focusing on post-seed Indonesian startups to help them scale regionally by using Kominfo’s vast networking channel of government and corporate partners. Here’s how the program can help the startups develop further:

  1. It helps gather the best entrepreneurs and innovators

The exchange of ideas happens when the best minds gather. Through intensive mentoring and networking programs from HUB.ID, it is hoped that inventors will be able to apply acquired insights into their businesses.

2. Identify the people and technologies targeting your markets.

Meeting like-minded people from various lines of businesses can help startups view who’s there that target the same markets, thus increasing their competitive edge.

3. Discover challenges your company may be facing in the future

By meeting experienced startup owners like mentors that HUB.ID provides, they will be able to share their previous experience in the corresponding line of business, making the newer startups ready for upcoming challenges.

4. Connect with scaling companies defines that scaling a business means “setting the stage to enable and support growth in your company.” Through networking and mentoring programs from HUB.ID, more than 40 partners are ready to scale up and connect and share their expertise with the startups.

5. Measure the strength of your company

HUB.ID gathers startups with Kominfo’s government and corporate partners. This, in turn, helps provide startups with the gauge against cutting-edge research and various business models.

So, those are how a business matchmaking program like HUB.ID can help startups develop further and gain expertise in their businesses. More posts to come on HUB.ID blog, so stay tuned!

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