Differences between incubator and Business Matchmaking Program

Building a startup is a business opportunity that is full of challenges and risks. There are many stages that startup founders need to go through until their business can be formed and developed. The terms “startup incubator program” and “accelerator program” must be familiar to startup founders. The two startup programs are the main target for startup founders to boost the business they are starting.

Please note, the incubator program and the accelerator program are 2 different programs. The difference can be seen from the target participants and the activities carried out during the program. The following is an explanation of each startup program.


Program The incubator program targets startups that have not yet been initiated. This program assists founders in developing ideas, to assist in funding until the startup is up and running. Through the assistance and direction of the incubator program, it is hoped that startups participating in the program can avoid pioneering failures.

Accelerator Program

Target participants of the accelerator program are startups that have been formed and run businesses. Activities carried out in the accelerator program focus on business matchmaking and mentoring activities. Accelerator programs can help startups scale their business.

#StartWithNetwork by HUB.ID

Seeing business developments that are increasingly advanced today, the Ministry of Communication and Information of the Republic of Indonesia contributes and supports startups in Indonesia by creating an accelerator program, namely HUB.ID. In line with its slogan, namely #StartWithNetwork, this accelerator program can be a great opportunity for Indonesian startups to synergize by expanding their business network and collaborating.

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